Make Your Dream a Reality

A renovation is a major project to undertake for any homeowner. It requires a great deal of planning to ensure you have the right materials in place for your project as well as setting a realistic budget and timescale to ensure that the work you want to carry out is achievable, but don’t worry that’s where Balmore Construction comes in.

We have undertaken a number of renovations on behalf of home owners, helping them create their ‘grand design’. Quite often this will involve us sourcing be-spoke materials on behalf of the home owner, which gives their renovation that personalised touch, making it their own.

We are very experienced when it comes to dealing with steel beams, which are great when it comes to helping a home owner open up a large space, letting them maximise this new found space and getting the most out of it for them and their family to use for years to come.

All the renovations we have undertaken for clients have had a high degree of customisation, whether it’s the inclusion of a hidden wine cellar, customised bannisters (metal, glass or wood) or a games room. These ‘high end’ renovations are our speciality and we thrive on the challenge that they provide. We love nothing more than working on these ‘grand design’ projects, which require a great deal of customisation, as this really pushes our skills to the limit.

So if you are looking to renovate your home why not get in touch with us and let’s start the conversation about your building project. Call 01360 620 320 or email